Week 2: Items You Usually Buy – Made at Home – A Reflection on a Trip to Vegas

21 Jul
Eifel Tower Vegas

No, it’s not Paris – it’s Vegas!

I spent all of last week in Las Vegas for a Teachers’ Math Conference.  Despite never wanting to go to Vegas, I had a great time.  There is something there for everyone – shows, gambling, food, pools, spas – you name it.  As a teacher, this was most likely my first business trip, as well as my last – but I was glad that it afforded me the opportunity to go to Vegas and to see how truly unique it is. Teachers do not get to travel frequently.  Our job is local; in the same room everyday, with the same students every day, eating the same lunch everyday.  Being somewhere as “magical” (very subjective) as Las Vegas while working was certainly a treat.  What was not a treat was the price of the food.  Staying at the Palazzo – you are in the midst of a “fancy” hotel, with glamor, glitz, and three televisions in one room (yes, that includes the bathroom!)  Now, I wake up each morning craving my large cup of coffee, and I was excited to see the familiar coffee shop at the bottom of my hotel.  On the way to my first session of the week, I stood in line to order my usual coffee and small yogurt, and upon arriving at the counter, the young man asked me for $8, give or take a few pennies, which was not my usual price.  The young gentleman said, “Welcome to the Palazzo” as I was picking my jaw up off of the floor.  Now, I am a New Yorker (via Philadelphia) making me used to absurd prices, but this was like a punch to the stomach.  After handing over my money (each and everyday) I began thinking about my blog for the upcoming week (I had to skip last week).  Maybe I could focus on items  you usually buy at a store, making them at home, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go.  So this week, I will be making items that you could buy at a store – but why would you?!?!  You can make them at home!


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